Carpet Flooring

Carpet Flooring

Your home remodeling or construction initiative would not be complete without a suitable flooring solution. There are countless possibilities when it comes to choosing the perfect flooring for your home, and we here at TriStar are here to aid your decision-making process. Many of our customers choose the popular hardwood or tile flooring options for their homes, but carpet, especially after advancements in fiber technology, is still a highly viable, beautiful and cost effective flooring option. The professional team at TriStar Repair & Construction has installed carpet at countless residential properties all across the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, which makes us the perfect choice for North Texas carpet installation.

Carpeting has undergone some changes since the days of psychedelic shag carpets in the 1970s and is far from outdated. Today’s carpet boasts a host of thicknesses, textures, patterns and stain-resisting attributes. It provides underfoot support, cushioning for falls, reduces noise and helps insulate the rooms that have it. Despite all these advantages, there has been a stigma associated with carpet in recent years due to the fact it traps in-home allergens. Recent research has shown, however, that trapping allergens is not necessarily a bad thing.

Carpet and Allergens

Allergens are microscopic bio-pollutants including dust mites, mold spores and animal dander that trigger adverse reactions in allergy and asthma sufferers. They are present in every home, and there is no escaping their presence. Be that as it may, these pesky particles pose an allergic threat to people only if they are airborne and inhaled. Carpet helps reduce the number of allergens in the air by trapping and immobilizing them until they can be disposed of, which improves air quality. According to studies from the EPA:

Carpet Allergens

  • The amount of allergens in the home increases in rooms with hard-surfaced floors because these flooring solutions cannot trap the particles like carpet can.

  • There is no correlation between allergen content in the air and carpet in the carpeted room.

  • Proper cleaning and maintenance allow carpeted rooms to maintain lower levels of airborne allergens than hard-surface floors.

Regardless of if you suffer from allergies or asthma, consider the benefits of having TriStar install carpet in your home!

Trust TriStar for Professional Carpet Installation

When choosing TriStar Repair & Construction for your carpet flooring needs, you are opting to work with one of the best carpet installation teams in the Dallas–Fort Worth area. The best part is we do all the heavy lifting so all you have to do is enjoy your new and improved carpet flooring and keep up with future upkeep. Luckily, carpet is easy to clean and maintain.

  • For light-traffic areas,

    vacuum the carpet’s most-traveled areas twice a week and the entire carpeted area once a week.

  • For heavy-traffic areas,

    vacuum the most-traveled areas every day and the entire carpeted area twice a week.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding TriStar’s professional carpet installation or carpet care, feel free to contact us at (940) 381-2222. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can!

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