Tile Flooring

No residential remodeling or construction project is complete without the appropriate floor treatment. There are many options to consider when installing new floors, but there are few flooring solutions that are as practical and versatile as tile flooring. Tile comes in a host of styles, colors, textures and compositions. No matter what your project’s design specifications entail, tile can be used to complement any home’s sense of style and décor. The professionals at TriStar Repair & Construction have installed tile flooring for countless people across North Texas, making us one of the most trusted tile floor installers in the area.

Professional Tile Flooring Solutions

Tile is a great flooring solution whether it is for the kitchen, bathroom, living room or any other space in your home. It can be arranged in a multitude of different ways and comes in hundreds of different colors. Even though choosing to use tile for your residential flooring solution opens up a world of possibilities with regard to color and placement, there are only a few types of tile from which to choose including:

Professional Tile Flooring

  • Natural Stone:

    These tiles are fashioned in varying sizes and styles from stone found naturally on Earth.

  • Vinyl:

    This flooring type is available in sheets, planks and tiles and is generally the most cost effective flooring option.

  • Quarry:

    This flooring type is composed of clay and shale extracted from quarries all over the world and is light and porous.

The professionals at TriStar have extensive experience with installing various types of tile, and are ready and able to fit your home with the perfect tile flooring!

Travertine Tile Flooring

While TriStar is proficient at installing any kind of tile, we have extensive experience with working with travertine tile flooring and recommend it to our customers for various reasons. Travertine is a type of sedimentary limestone that provides a durable and versatile tile flooring solution perfect for any room in your home. Whether you have it installed in your kitchen, bathroom or living area, travertine adds a timeless, natural look that is sure to complement your home’s style and décor. With a color palette ranging from pale beige to brown, travertine flooring will embellish any space and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Travertine tile flooring must be treated with care because it is a soft, porous stone that is highly sensitive to acidic liquids like wine, juice or coffee. Luckily, our travertine tiles are sealed with professional-grade natural stone sealant and can, with the proper care and maintenance, last a lifetime. Not only is this type of tile flooring beautiful, it is also highly practical. Travertine is an abundant natural resource and does not contain any harmful chemicals, making it an environmentally conscious and human-friendly tile flooring option. It has also been used for various construction purposes for centuries. In fact, the Coliseum in Rome was built with travertine, and the lobby in Chicago’s Willis Tower is adorned with this beautiful stone. If it was good enough for these building marvels, we are confident travertine will be the perfect tile flooring solution for your home.

Contact TriStar at (940) 381-2222 or send us a message if you have any questions or concerns regarding our travertine or any other type of tile flooring option we offer. We will gladly aid your decision-making process and help you decide which one of our tile flooring types is the best fit for your home!

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