Trust us to get the job done right.

Welcome to TriStar Repair & Construction! For nearly a decade, we have provided complete remodeling and construction solutions for numerous residential and commercial properties in cities all across North Texas. Whether you are renovating your home or business’ kitchen, bathroom or any room in between, trust us to get the job done right.

Our Mission

TriStar Repair & Construction is a company dedicated to helping home and business owners upgrade and enhance their homes and business places by offering impeccable residential and commercial remodeling and construction solutions to Denton County and the surrounding areas. We see our customers as partners, and we will take any measure necessary to provide our partners with complete satisfaction and make the renovation and construction process as smooth as possible.

Having been in the remodeling and construction industry for nearly 10 years, TriStar Repair & Construction has procured a great deal of experience with remodeling residential and commercial properties all across the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. Whether you require a complete or partial kitchen or bathroom remodel in your home or an office makeover or tenant finish-out for your business, TriStar is here to lend a helping, discerning hand throughout the entire process. To learn more about our residential and commercial remodeling services, browse through our Residential Remodels and Commercial Construction pages.

Since we started doing business, our team has remodeled, repaired, rewired and completely renovated countless homes and businesses, and, in the process, TriStar has become a leader in the field.

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At TriStar Repair & Construction, our professional team of renovators takes pride in providing top-notch remodeling and construction solutions for residential and commercial areas across the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.


Other remodeling and construction companies work to just make a profit. At TriStar Repair & Construction, we do not work solely for wages. Our team works hard to earn your trust and recommendation.

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It is essential to consider your project’s budget constraints before any remodeling takes place. If you need a quote before you begin the renovation or construction process, we are happy to give you one.

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North Texas Remodeling Solutions

TriStar Repair & Construction is headquartered in Denton, Texas, and a majority of our professional remodeling team resides there as well. Needless to say, we know this county like the back of our hands. There are more than 700 thousand people in Denton County alone and even more in the surrounding areas for which we provide remodeling and construction services. Along with all these people, this large metropolitan area houses thousands of homes and business, many of which could likely benefit from TriStar’s expert residential and commercial remodeling services. Consider your neighbors at TriStar Repair & Construction when you think it is time to remodel your home or business. We will gladly lend a helping hand!

Residential and Commercial Repair and Maintenance

We have been remodeling homes and businesses across North Texas for nearly 10 years, which has made us proficient in not only offering remodeling services, but also various residential and commercial repair and maintenance services. Does a ceiling fan need to be installed or replaced in your home or office? Is the lighting in your business inadequate or due for an upgrade? Is there a hole in the drywall that needs to be patched up? Whatever they entail, we are confident we have the experience and expertise to complete a host of residential and commercial repair and maintenance tasks. If you would like to know if our team could take on your specific repair or maintenance job, contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today!

Impeccable Services with a Philosophy to Match

Having been in the construction industry since 2006, we have noticed other remodeling and construction companies in the area are so concerned with making a profit that they allow good customer service and complete customer satisfaction fall to the wayside. At TriStar Repair & Construction, we do business a bit differently. Our business philosophy emulates the Golden Rule, which means we carry out each job, whether big, small, residential or commercial, as if we were doing it for our own families or ourselves. By teaming up with TriStar, you get peace of mind knowing your job is done right because we are not satisfied until you are!